All You Need to Search on DISH Network

If you don't have DISH satellite television, then this little trick won't be of concern to you. I think DISH's search function is clunky. I sometimes find a program or movie I want to record, but I already have something set to record. What is a fellow (or gal) to do?

Assuming you are starting at the programming grid, follow these steps:
  1. Highlight the program or movie in the grid you want to record and press Select on your remote.
  2. Select DISH Pass and press Select.
  3. Select Create Timer and press Select. When the search is complete, a list of all instances of the program or movie in the next approximately ten days appears.
  4. Select the instance in the list you want to record.
  5. Press Info and write down or remember the channel number, date, and time of the instance.
  6. Select Delete and press Select to delete the DISH Pass timer you just created.
  7. Select Yes and press Select.
  8. Select Done and press Select and repeat again.
  9. Return to the programming grid and select the program you noted and set it to record.
After a few tries, it gets easier and you won't need any instructions. I hope this helps those of you who use DISH. I have been a mostly happy DISH subscriber for over 8 years.

BTW, if you have DirecTV, please know that radical right-wing mogul, Rupert Murdock, owns a substantial share of that company. He's the same fellow who brings you the Fox Noise Network.
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