If I Could Afford to Retire Anywhere, It Would be in Cannes

Ah, Cannes! What a town!

Cannes has a wonderful year-round Mediterranean climate. While the beaches in the South of France are rocky, they actually bring in sand for the main beach. The famous Cannes Film Festival takes place here every year, with famous people from around the globe.

I stayed here with my late first partner, Mike, when we were celebrating our 15th anniversary. We stayed at a cute, inexpensive hotel, run by a gay couple who knew little to no English. It really put my limited French to the test, but we had a gay old time.

The town of Grasse, France is a short bus ride away. Grasse is the center of the perfume industry in France. About 2/3's of France's natural aromas are produced there.

Paris is my favorite large city, and it is just a fast train ride away from Cannes. Ah to dream.

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