Rush Flushed With Only 19% Favorable Rating

Pie Chart Source: CBS News

If you didn't know how unpopular Rush Limbaugh is, you've been hanging out with the wrong crowd. With a 19% favorable rating, he is more unpopular than Bush was upon leaving office.

One wonders what his corporate advertisers are thinking by exposing themselves to this kind of unpopular public sentiment. However, I do know that people who hate RL still listen to his program, so maybe that is the advertising draw.

I believe "trash in, trash out," so I refuse to listen to his crap. I think sometimes people just look for reasons to get mad, so maybe that explains why Rush-haters still listen to his show. What is really odd about this poll is that 41% of Americans claim not to have an opinion about RL. What's with that? Are that many people living in a bubble?
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