Texas Republicans Send Threat to Obama

Oh sure, on judicial appointments, the Republicans want to be bipartisan. That must be why Senate Republicans sent a threatening letter to President Obama. These losers are relentless in their bluster.

Senate Republicans have sent a letter to the President asking for consultation on judicial nominations -- and threatening to oppose nominees in whom home-state Republican senators have no input:

"We hope your Administration will consult with us as it considers possible nominations to the federal courts from our states. Regretfully, if we are not consulted on, and approve of, a nominee from our states, the Republican Conference will be unable to support moving forward on that nominee. Despite press reports that the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee now may be considering changing the Committee’s practice of observing senatorial courtesy, we, as a Conference, expect it to be observed, even-handedly and regardless of party affiliation. And we will act to preserve this principle and the rights of our colleagues if it is not." [Politico]

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