Yeah! The Refrigerator is Installed!

After a week using an ice chest, I am delighted to report that my refrigerator was delivered and installed this morning. I have washed it with vinegar and water, removed the tape and plastic wrap, and have loaded the few perishable items I have.

I've run about three gallons of water to clear the water line. I'll still have to toss the first bin of ice as a precaution. According to the user guide, I should not put any food in until it runs about a day. I guess it takes that long to achieve the correct temperature. The few things I did put in won't be a big deal if I have to toss them.

Comments were left on my previous refrigerator post that my new refrigerator may be made in China or in South Carolina. I have not found any info. about that yet, but I will continue to search when I have more time. If the "made in" label is on the back somewhere, we'll just have to keep on wondering.
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